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In Which A Little Story Devours My Brain

In an effort to kick-start a more regular pattern of writing, I recently picked up a short but incomplete piece of fiction with the thought of finishing it up.  The story was nothing more than a scene of conflict between two life-long friends as they discovered themselves on different sides of a clash between humans and vampires.  It was not intended to be anything more than a brief piece written for my own entertainment.

As occasionally happens, the story has plans for itself that I did not foresee and the characters have taken on a life of their own.  The single scene has turned into a nearly novel-length plot that is presently threatening to be book one in a series.  From two characters have sprung two armies, complete with internally feuding families.  While I’m thrilled to my toes that writing is currently not just a regular habit, but an outright addiction,  this was not the story I had intended to tell.     Still, the story demands to be written and who am I to question my (slightly deranged) muse?

Check back next week.  By then, I may have my brain back again from the vampires.




Magpie Monday – Untitled Poem

From Untitled Poem:

Don’t ask me how it is that I’ve come here
and found myself sitting in this place,
a dark womb of cigarette smoke and ashtrays,
a tomb of pitchers of beer and pots of coffee.
It’s early still and the room is quiet,
the crowds are still tucked between sheets,
dreaming of riches and lovers they’ll never find.
And me, my voice low and rough,
too many cigarettes to keep my throat sore,
and my stomach rumbling for want of food
instead of endless pots of steaming coffee.
It is my my private decadence to be here,
to waste my mind, my time, and my body
on quiet moments of private sin.

Thanks for reading,