Get Your Words Out

Unintended Hiatus

Let’s subtitle this one “I Ain’t Dead Yet”.  Life can be defined that regularly occurring nuisance that interrupts attempts to create worlds made entirely of words and imaginings.  2014 provided more life than I care to contemplate and many of my side projects have suffered, this blog included.

Finding words in 2014 has proved difficult on all fronts.  My other blogs, while slightly less neglected, still managed to collect dust this year.  National Novel Writing Month proved to be a hollow victory this year.  While the word count was met, the quality of the work plummeted to all new NaNo personal lows.  I celebrated the ‘win’ by shredding the first draft and burning the remnants, after noting the two small workable ideas that it contained.  My word goal of 200,000 became laughable at some point, even with NaNo accounting for a quarter of that total.

Words will be found in 2015, even if it means tracking them down in their hidden lairs and dragging them bodily into the light of day.  I am feeling very fierce about the time lost during the past year and do not want to have a repeat of the last twelve months.  To that end, some goals have been set and some projects lined up for the new year.  My overall goal  consists of writing 250,000 words total in 2015.  To hold myself accountable, I have pledged to write 150,000 of those words as part of Get Your Words Out 2015, which will include fiction, poetry, and public blogs.  The remaining 100,000 words will consist of personal journals, academic writings, and various other non-creative forms for writing.  I ain’t dead yet, but I may be a writing zombie by this time next year.