Looking Backwards

i. untitled

A gypsy caravan journeys onward
under the Milky Way’s bright glow
and the sound of an ancient guitar
floats out from within a wagon,
taking with it my soul,
childlike and full of memories.
Wanderings of my mind
to distant, long-gone lands
keeps me distracted
while the caravan slips
quietly out of site,
taking with it my childhood.

ii. untitled

Wrapped in a warm cocoon
of faded wool blankets,
I fall into sleep’s arms
and enjoy a few hours
oblivious to this world
and I am a child again,
without worry,
innocent and sleep,
lost in a universe ruled
only by imagination.

iii.  The Archaeologist’s Hymn

the once great halls,
the graceful gardens,
the bright courtyards.
All are silent now,
muted with time’s passing
and the forgetfulness
of many generations.
Awaken great sleeper!
Awaken and speak to me.
Tell me of your wars,
entice me with your splendor,
enchant me with your romance,
impart your knowledge
of a thousand souls
into this single mind,
so that once again
your lost world may live
and so that mine may learn
of your triumphs and tragedies.
Tell me where it is your past lies
so that I may uncover
the mysteries of man’s future.