i . Reincarnation Waltz

You have been with me so long
that I can be scarcely sure
if you were created in my dreams
or if you are their true source.
The blood that flows in our veins
pulses together in a singular beat.
I have long lived with you,
so close to know your thoughts,
so far to be unable to see your face.
Caught together in timeless waltz,
unable to stop the unceasing tempo,
forever locked in step together,
we measure each note
with the depths of our souls.
This dance has no end.

ii. untitled

soft as dew,
you skin glistens
with warm sweat
as you lay covered
only to the waist
with a cool sheet.
the summer’s heat
can be unbearable,
sticky and sweet,
but you only smile
and whisper words
as hot and sticky
as the summer night.

iii. untitled

i thought… of you
and i cried a smile
and laughed a tear.
you left me standing
on the edge of forever
with your actions,
but your words…
they are the eternity
which i seek.