Organizing My Thoughts

In an attempt to get both inspired and organized for this year’s NaNo, I’ve downloaded a demo version of WriteWay.  I think it’s going to be great for organizing a novel and keeping track of characters, if I ever manage to get as far as that.  Unfortunately, inspiration is rather lacking at the moment.

I’m still chewing on that scene that I mentioned in my last post, trying to suss out what would happen next, why, and to whom. Ideas about the back story and MC are beginning to solidify into something interesting  and vaguely horrifying.  If this particular story finds its way to the page, I think it might be of the ‘it-was-a-dark-and-stormy-night’ variety.  Well, what do you know?  The only scene that’s been fully formed is about a dark and stormy night.  At least something appears to be going in the right direction.




  1. Mmh, I still have my Camp NaNo Scrivener code, which gives me 50% off.
    I guess I’ll try this. The yWriter I already have is ok, but – I don’t know – I have to compare the two.

    1. My only comparison to WriteWay is the collection of miscellaneous index cards and notebooks that I normally use. I’m attempting to move from paper to digital formats for as much of my pre-novel planning as possible. I still like the feel of pen and paper to give it up for my actual writing, however. Someday, perhaps, just not yet.

      1. I like writing by hand, too. I love pens and paper. But it’s way to complicated for editing and re-organizing. I think I’ll get the Scrivener and see, if it is easier to use than the yWriter.
        Novel-length writing is… difficult.

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