And Then There Was August…

July was such great month to get the creative juices flowing.  And then there was August…

August, in which my muse decided to take a month’s vacation somewhere tropical without inviting me along for the ride.  August, in which the sum total of my writing amounted to scribbling to-do lists in between trying to get everything done.  August, in which my household moved, leaving me without a computer for several days and without my shelf of writing notebooks even longer.

August was not a good month for writing, neither was the beginning of September.  The muse, newly back from her month long hiatus, was too busy talking about the fabulous Brazilian she’d met and showing off her tan to be of any help with writing projects.  That bitch.   However, she seems to have settled back into our normal routine of taunting me with just the merest hints of ideas before running away in laughter.

Ah, it’s good to have things back to normal.


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