Magpie Monday – A Haunted History

From A Haunted History: Maggie Bailey Mystery #1 (2011 NaNoWriMo novel, an unfinished work in progress):

“That would be just fine, Dr. Bailey.  Thank you for your time this morning.  Please consider it… and the hour that you’ll spending questioning your decision… billable hours.  I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.”

“Said the fox to the chicken,” I muttered after hanging up the phone.  There was no way around it.  I’d caved quickly in the face of financial gain.  Never mind that I could do with the extra cash, that I was without a vehicle, and after paying moving expenses and the bills for the month, my bank account had dwindled far more rapidly than I was comfortable with.

In spite of the firmest of intentions, I would be face to face with James Sinclair in less than forty-eight hours.  I didn’t relish the thought, but I also knew that if I failed to show, Sinclair was the type of man who would hunt me down elsewhere.  As little appeal as the meeting held, the thought of him showing up at my doorstep or office was even less appetizing.  Of course, I rationalized, I could meet with him, have a nice lunch on his dollar, and then tell him to jump off the nearest bridge.  Preferably while wearing concrete shoes.  Or I could just take the money, deal with Sinclair for the necessary time, and once again, get him out of my life.

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