Magpie Monday – Odinsdatter

There’s a fabulous myth that magpies, a member of the bird family Corvidae, collect odd bits of shiny objects.  In China, a magpie is considered a sign of good fortune and foretells of the arrival of guests.   When I went in search of a title for a new weekly blog segment featuring brief and shiny snippets of my works,  the magpie’s mythology won me over.  So, welcome guest to Magpie Mondays.

Magpie Mondays will feature a short excerpt from something that I’ve written- finished pieces, works in progress, blog posts from elsewhere, bits of my grocery list, or whatever else piques my interest that day. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.  If you like something or find it interesting, please let me know.  If you find it boring, yawn and then let me know.  If a piece makes you want to gouge out your eyes, first put down any sharp objects, then, and only then, let me know.

From Odinsdatter (2010 NaNoWriMo novel, an unfinished work in progress):

“Storm’s coming. Gonna be a bad one. Yes, yes, it’s going to be a bad one this time.”

Valerie Lebeau turned a bright blue eye toward the clear sky in search of a sign of impending rain.  No clouds marred the azure field overhead nor did the distant western horizon show a hint of anything other than continued good weather.  A glance out over the sea showed that the waves were calm, placidly lapping on the shore as if too relaxed to make more effort.  A slight breeze stirred the palm trees but nothing in it suggested anything ominous meteorological turns.  In spite of the obvious lack of evidence, Valerie felt loathe to contradict her elderly neighbor, feeling a combination of respect for the community elder and a healthy fear of being smacked in the shin with the woman’s cane.

“Could be,” she demurred politely, trying to keep any hint of sarcasm from her voice. She knew that any hint of condescension would not only be heard, but long remembered. “Still,” she sighed, “I think that we should be able to finish our shopping before any bad weather actually arrives, don’t you?”

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