Next Project Please

At Scythe Point has finally been posted in its entirety!  What took thirty days to write stretch thirteen months between the posting of Chapter 1 and the Epilogue.  I should be more ashamed of that fact, but I’m just too delighted to finally see it finished to suffer through much mortification.

With that project finally off my plate, I’m going to be turning my attention to the  subsequent NaNoWriMo novels  from 2008 through 2011.  In the case of a couple of them, I need to finish the actual process of writing before I contemplate editing or publishing them.  When this will actually happen is anyone’s guess.  I’ve given up trying to set schedules for publishing; life tends to pencil in other things on that calendar.

It’s also time to start pondering the subject of this year’s NaNo.  I’ve kicked around the idea of writing a sequel to one of my previous works, going so far as to outline a follow-up to At Scythe Point in which Michael’s mother disappears under mysterious circumstances that suggest Thanatos may be up to no good.  The working title for that one is Family Plots (please try not to groan too loud).   If this year is like any other, we can look forward to some other idea cropping up at the last minute and a complete change in direction by the end of the project.

More updates as words happen,


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