Full Moon?

The calendar declares that it’s still three days from the full moon, but that lovely lady in the sky must be getting an early start here in the mountains.  If not, there’s something funny in the water, because I’ve posted another chapter of At Scythe Point  online.  That’s right, Chapter 5 has finally arrived after a seven month delay (!).  If the state fair offered prizes for procrastination, you’d be looking at the blue ribbon winner, several years running.

It’s frighteningly easy to let the days weeks months slip away without so much as a thought to ‘finished’ projects, even ones that are still waiting to be posted.  The novels try to make themselves known. They tug at the edges of our conscious with little whispers that say things like “(gasp) Dying here… need to be read… it’s getting darker… read meeeee…”

I really am proving that the moon is full by mentioning that novels talk to their authors, aren’t I?  It’s true though.   The novels speak to us, as do the characters within them.  They inform us of who they are, where they are going, and why they want to go there.  In some instances, the characters rebel within our own heads, refusing to be who we’d so meticulously planned them to be – antagonists suddenly decide to do the right thing, heroines run off with the wrong guy, protagonists suddenly set fire to the town.  When the rebellion turns out to be a brilliant plot twist, we as authors smile and take all the credit.  After all, these characters only exist in our heads, don’t they?


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