The Author Chagrined

I believe I may have made mention in my last post of being a bit quicker about posting the next chapter of At Scythe Point.  When I looked at the date of that post and realized how much time has elapsed, I went a bit red around the ears.  How in the world did that happen?  March isn’t supposed to flow straight into July with no months between!

I am happy, albeit a little embarrassed by the delay, to announce that Chapter 3 is now posted.  Time permitting, I’m going to work on Chapter 4 later this week.  I won’t say that I hope to get it posted more expediently than the last one.  I’ll simply say that there is a Chapter 4, it really does exist, and someday it will be posted to the site.  In the meantime, there are novels to write, characters to flesh out, and revisions to be done.


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