Another Month, Another Chapter

When I announced that I’d be posting  my first NaNoWriMo novel, At Scythe Point, “as time permits”, I’d sincerely hoped to post an average of one chapter per week.  A month has elapsed since posting the first chapter, but I’m finally able to say that Chapter 2 is now available for reading.  A snail’s pace may not constitute rapid progress, but it is still forward movement never the less.  With any luck, Chapter 3 will not be so slow in publishing.

This winter has been a fallow period creatively and the only writings I’ve managed to complete are a few blog posts.  A planned revision of last year’s NaNo novel, Odinsdatter,  still waits for attention.  With the current backlog of work on my writing desk, the decision of whether or not to participate in this year’s Script Frenzy was an easy one.  Last year was my first and possibly last attempt at this particular challenge.  As I stated when I first embarked on the Script Frenzy challenge, I am a writer of prose and poetry.  My only prior script-writing experience was a re-write of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for my freshman English case, a work now thankfully lost to time.  Rather than repeat the last year’s frustration, I think perhaps I’ll dedicate April to that novel revision and posting more of At Scythe Point. Unless of course, the unwritten characters in my head have other ideas.



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