Hard Hats On, Please!

My new online home is still technically under construction, but I’ve decided to go ahead and unlock the front door.  Welcome! Come on in, grab a book, and have a seat.  Just keep your hard hat and steel-toed shoes on a bit longer.  Don’t mind the dust, all will be righted shortly.

My old blog posts have not migrated here, but most of the other elements from the old site have. Elements from the old site like Author’s Notes and Writer’s Resources are going to be integrated into the blog rather than being stand-alone pages. I’m still working out the best way to present full-length novels, so those are conspicuously absent for now.

A few changes in communication have been made as well.  I’ve done away with the guest book, but there is a contact form on the site for sending love notes and hate mail.  To keep the site tidy, reader comments are available only on the blog; feel free to post there if you have something to say.  I welcome honest reviews and constructive criticism.  Spam and other forms of nastiness will be deleted without mercy, so don’t even bother.

That’s the quick tour of the new home.  I need to nip off to my study and do a bit of that esoteric act called writing.


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