Moving Day

With the turning of the calender to a new year, comes a change in online venue for my writing.

The old site admittedly looked a little like a collage of my favorite cemetery photos plastered over with my writing and some other interesting tidbits.  It appeared that way because, well,  that’s exactly what it was.  While serving its purpose, it was not a pleasant project to deal with on the administrative end, nor was it particularly user-friendly.  For a reason that I haven’t yet determined, it liked to pop-up a security warning every time a new page loaded. Result: one unhappy writer with a dysfunctional website.

This new home should, with any luck at all, look and feel a little more integrated than the last one. Eventually perhaps, with a little help from some IT savvy friends, there may be an independent website with its own domain.  For now, I’m perfectly content to take advantage of the ease and functionality of WordPress.

For those who have followed me here from the old site, thanks for being patient and for caring about the babblings of an eccentric and eclectic writer.  While I’d write even if no one ever read a word of it, it’s nice to know that there are other people who are sharing this journey with me.


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